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 When acknowledging Terms & Conditions at checkout it is accepted that you have read the Delivery terms.  Click here Delivery Terms 

I aim to update the site several times a week. All items are available at time of listing. There will be occasions when an out of stock item is ordered. If any item is put into the shopping cart and is out of stock you will be refunded the relevant payment. I DO NOT operate a system of credit.


It is extremely uncommon for items to be returned, however I offer a FULL no quibble refund for any item returned in original condition within 30 days.

In the unlikely event of having to return an item, regardless of type of delivery originally used please return using a form of delivery that requires a signature when received back, proof of your posting the item alone is not proof that it has been received. Your return postage costs will be refunded.

Please note.  Normal examples shown as illustration are NOT included in the price of item unless specifically stated.  When available they will be provided at NO extra charge. They are however not guaranteed to be available.

CERTIFICATED ITEMS. Items sold with the following recognised certificates of authenticity "RPSL", "BPA" and "David Brandon". As with all items I sell, certificated items may be returned within 30 days on my "no quibble" refund basis so long as received back in original condition.  If a buyer wishes to obtain their own certificate on uncertificated items purchased from me (this excludes purchases made from sellers I host on my GBandEmpireStamps website) they must inform me of this within the 30 day return period and an extension will be granted. Expertisation can take several weeks, even months. I will not refund items several months after purchase if I have not been so informed. I will not accept a certificate from another organisation that disputes the original opinion, i.e I will not acept a BPA opinion that disputes a previous RPSL opinion. Certificates of authenticity are the honest opinion of a body of experts. They must be accepted and respected as such. The buyer will be liable for cost of certificates unless item deemed not genuine where I will refund cost of certificate if returned with item and invoice for certificate. Please note. In seeking an extension to have item certificated I will only recognise certificates issued by the three UK based expertisation committees listed above. I will not recognise "Henderson" certificates or those of non UK organisations.



All items described as unmounted mint can be assumed to be in Post Office fresh fault free condition unless stated otherwise. Scanned images can be subject to the effect of artefact. Any blemishes seen on images can be assumed to be artefact unless specifically mentioned. Please email to enquire if you have any concerns.


All booklet panes will be in fine unmounted mint condition with full perforations on all perforated edges.


All complete booklets will have clean covers and unless stated otherwise all panes contained will have full perforations on all perforated edges.


All cylinder blocks will have imperforate margins angled (not cut back or cut square)



The DB and DP nomenclatures describing decimal books and their panes are the copyright of the Modern British Philatelic Circle (MBPC) and is used with their kind permission.

For further details visit their website      For details of membership click How to become a member



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