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The following sections on this website contain a selection of fine and rarer items from the reigns Victoria, Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII and George VI. There is also an extensive range Queen Elizabeth II errors and varieties concentrating on Phosphor and Embossing errors, Inverted Watermarks, Colour & Perforation shifts and a few selected Wilding and Machin items.

In addition to this website I have a number of other websites covering all aspects of GB Philately. These sites are listed with links on the HOME PAGE. These websites cater for the specialist and discerning generalist and are suited to collectors who use as references; The Stanley Gibbons Specialised GB catalogues Vol 1 - 5, The Stanley Gibbons Concise catalogue, The Stoneham Great Britain Stamp Catalogue, The "Woodstock" catalogue of British Elizabethan Stamps (now sadly out of print but an invaluable reference) and other such detailed and specialised works.


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