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Specialist in QEII Errors & Varieties

My websites cater for the more discerning collector and specialist. Exceptional material from all reigns. Fine "Classic" material, Specialised Single Stamps, Scarce printings, Missing Colours, Imperforates, Colour and Perforation Shifts, Inverted Watermarks, Booklet Errors, Proofs, Artists Work....


Although concentrating on QEII errors and varieties and other scarcer items from the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, will also "showcase" a selection of scarcer items from other reigns that are dealt with in more detail on my other websites.

For further selections of GB Postage Stamps and related material from all reigns, specifically for the specialist and discerning general collector visit my other sites: (under construction) (under construction)  

Ocassional retail lists may be downloaded as a pdf file from "shop" page. These lists will contain a range of more general material as well as specialist items.


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